adults & teens

We wholeheartedly believe in the value of creativity in today's busy world. By using your brain to think differently and your hands to engage in something mindful the benefits to all of us are incredible. 

Modern day society can be a hectic place where we are all juggling the stresses of everyday life. Without even realising it we can be dominated by a flow of digital information. Stepping away from that and immersing yourself in a creative activity is a brilliant way to calm the mind.


workshops for adults

At our studio we host evening workshops for adults which are run by visiting experts. Whether it's a contemporary brush lettering artist or a textile designer we make sure they have all the credentials needed to run creative and enriching sessions.

Saturday is the day when the teenagers get to take over the studio space and they can be found dying fabrics, screen printing, felting, experimenting with stitch techniques and constructing garments.

Book into our warm and cosy studio this winter and learn the 'line and flood' technique of decorating biscuits with expert Jo from the Biscuit Workshop. Take home a box of beautiful biscuits.


festive biscuit decorating

Friday 13 December | 10am-12pm

courses & workshops for teens


introduction to machine sewing

Enjoy a 1:1 or small group sewing machine tutorial in the Magpie studio.

"My teenage daughter used to come and enjoy the Magpie sewing club at school and so we jumped at the chance for her to continue developing her skills. The exploring textiles course is stretching her creatively but has also given her the confidence to take textiles GCSE at school. Maia and Natalie are inspiring teachers with patience and sensitivity to each child's needs."