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Personalise your Magpie Makes Party Invite...

We recommend sending out invitations at least 4 weeks before the party so when you have your date confirmed you can start to personalise your child's invitations.

Follow the steps below to download your invitation which you can attach to a WhatsApp message or email. 

Magpie Makes Party Invite Canva.png
  • Log in or sign up to Canva for free to customise your invitation.

Canva sign in.png
  • Let the design load, then double-click the words you want to change - Add in the party child's name, time and date of the party booking, finally, contact details for your guests to RSVP.

  • When your invitation is complete, click the SHARE button in the top right-hand corner, then select download. We suggest using the default .png file (however you can use the drop down menu to select a jpeg or pdf if you'd prefer) and then simply click the DOWNLOAD button to save your invite ready to send!

Canva share invitation.png
  • Congratulations you're all set to invite your party guests.


If you have any problems, please email us.

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