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Everlasting sweet peas in a 3D vase

What you'll need:

  • Coloured paper for the background

  • A5 white paper (you can cut A4 paper to size as will be shown)

  • Coloured tissue paper (we love all the sweet pea colours but if you have yellows you'll get daffodils!)

  • Scissors

  • Pencil & ruler

  • Glue (either a glue stick or PVA will do)

Step 1

Put an old tablecloth down or cover the table in newspaper to protect it. If you are using an A4 piece of white paper for the flower pot then you will need to cut it down to A5. To do this you will need to half the longest part of the paper. You can do this by folding the paper in half and then drawing a line across the fold using the pencil and ruler. Once this is done cut along the pencil line.

We chose to leave our vase plain but you might decide to decorate it with a pattern. If you are going to, do it now before its 3D.

Step 2

Next measure 1cm on the shortest sides of the paper, draw a line parallel down each of these sides. Fold them both along the drawn line then put glue along these folds.

Form an arch shape and stick the glued edges to the sugar paper, making sure the bottom curved edge is in-line with the bottom of the sugar paper.

Step 3

Choose the colours you’d like your flowers to be from the coloured tissue paper you have to hand. Next carefully rip long strips, about the width of 2 to 3 fingers, then rip these into pieces to make rough squares.

Step 4

With your flower pot laid down on the table, loosely arrange the tissue paper to give you an idea where the flowers will be stuck onto the sugar paper and on the edge of the vase (this is called making a composition). Once you are happy with your composition start to shape the pieces of tissue paper into flowers and stick down. I gently pushed my index finger in the middle of the tissue paper being careful not to put a hole into it and twisted slightly.

Step 5

Keep sticking your tissue paper flowers down. Once you’ve finished, leave to set then once the glue has dried you can sit the finished flower pot up on your shelf or mantlepiece!



Look up pictures of real sweet peas for inspiration - they're such beauties!

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