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Magpie Makes Privacy Policy

At Magpie Makes we understand how important your personal information is and we recognise the trust you put in us to keep it safe. We want to be transparent about how we collect, use and store your personal data, and the rights you have regarding your private information.


A new law which comes into effect on 25 May 2018 will give you more clarity over how your personal information is managed. This is known as the General Data Protection Regulation. Any personal data we collect will only be used as permitted by law.


Throughout our Privacy Policy we may refer to Magpie Makes as “we”, “us” or “our” as our “website”, and the customer as “you” or “your”. All services offered and performed by Magpie Makes may be referred to as our “services”.


When will we collect your data?


We will be asking for personal data about you and your child/ren in order to deliver a service. We will be collecting data where a customer has given clear consent for us to process personal data for a specific purpose. Your personal data will only be used to send you newsletters or invoices or other matters relating to your child’s involvement with Magpie Makes.


This information will be collected by us as part of a child’s involvement in a school club, workshop or party or as a result of an enquiry with Magpie Makes. We will be asking for this data after our initial communication and recording it digitally. We would ask that you advise us of any changes to your personal information relating to your child’s involvement with Magpie Makes to enable us to keep your details up to date.



How will we collect your data?


We will do this by asking you to complete and return a data form when your child joins a club, workshop or when you book a party.



What information will we collect?


The information we will require for a school club, workshop or party booking will be:


  • Child’s name, child’s date of birth, parents’ name & contact number

  • Emergency contact name & contact number

  • Details of any allergies or special requirements

  • Details of whether the child has any special educational needs or disabilities



Newsletter Sign up


If you make an enquiry about any of our services or join one of our clubs or workshops or we host a Magpie Makes party for you we will ask if you’d like to be entered onto our mailing list.


If you decide to sign up to our mailing list we will only require your name and email address. This data is stored on MailChimp (our data processor) and will only be used to send you news via email. You can unsubscribe at any time and a link for unsubscribing will always be provided in the footer of each newsletter. MailChimp are fully GDPR compliant. Please see their Privacy Policy on their website for further information.


Who will we share your data with?


We have never and will never share or sell your details to a third party.


How do we protect your information?


Our website is scanned regularly for any security holes and known vulnerabilities. Your information is held in a fully secured network and will only be accessed by Magpie Makes employees who are fully trained in all aspects of GDPR.


If you want to see a copy of the information we hold and share about you or your child then please contact us.


If your child is currently attending one of our school classes we will hold your information for a period of six months after your child leaves the club in case your child decides to return or a project is unfinished.


Where a workshop or party is concerned we will not hold onto your details but will ask if you would like to be entered onto our newsletter mailing list with MailChimp.


Privacy Policy Changes


We may amend or update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and any changes made will go into action from the revision date. If we believe that the changes greatly alter our relationship with our customers, such as how information is collected, stored and used, customers will be notified of the changes via email. If amendments are minor and we feel it is unnecessary to contact customers directly, we may outline any changes in a newsletter. We encourage customers to review our Privacy Policy regularly for any updates. Our privacy policy is always available to view on our website.


Accepting the Privacy Policy

It is considered that customers who visit, and continue to use Magpie Makes, agree to our Terms & Conditions, and by doing so you are confirming that you have read and understood the terms detailed in our Terms and Conditions and in this Privacy Policy.




Last updated – May 2018

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