why we believe creativity is important

There are many, many reasons why getting your children’s creative juices flowing is beneficial. Here are just a few that we like to remember from time to time:


  • Using their hands enhances their cognitive development.

  • Little neurons inside children’s brain fire up when they’re thinking creatively and this has a beneficial impact on their ability to problem solve.

  • The sense of achievement is tangible, literally, everyone can see what they’ve made.

  • Children are genuinely more employable in later life if they can think laterally, communicate clearly and work as part of a team. Creativity is the number one skill that business leaders say they need for their organisations to succeed.

  • Art & sewing develops fine and gross motor skills and makes their fingers more adept. This, in turn, makes them better at other useful things like handwriting in school.

  • As parents the best way to set children up for life is to have a balance of variety and stimulus in their lives. Creative, academic & physical activities all in equal measure.


at Magpie Makes we encourage children to:


  • experiment with materials

  • observe

  • express themselves creatively

  • learn from their mistakes

  • persevere

  • understand why and how things are made

  • appreciate colour, texture, light & shade

  • have confidence in their ideas

  • develop life skills such as sewing

  • collaborate

  • tidy up!