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our gift guide for creative kids

We spend so much time with little makers, we think we understand a little bit about what they are all about. We also use a LOT of materials and have tested out the good and the bad ones. We understand the challenges of juggling busy life and gift planning, which is why we hope this helps just a little bit.


(None of these are affiliated they’re just what we like and genuinely recommend)

We’ve included Kerry’s all time favourite art material; Silk Clay, our art club go-to brand of pens as we know they last, stackable watercolour pan paints, a portable drawing case recommended by two of our art teachers perfect for holidays, car journeys or just getting organised. If your child loves experimenting, what’s not to love about designing your own tie-dye creations or even making their own clothes with the same sewing machine we have in the studio that’s ideal for beginners, this one's a splurge but one that will last a lifetime.

If you have creative gifts that you think need to be included in our guide, we’d love to know, please message us with your recommendations.

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