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Lauren Child inspired family portrait

What you'll need:

  • A4 white paper

  • A black fineliner

  • Scissors

  • A glue stick

  • An old Boden catalogue (or similar)

Step 1

Every once in a while a little Mini Boden catalogue pops through my door. Here's an idea to use it in a creative way....inspired by the illustration style of one of our fave book illustrators Lauren Child who writes and illustrate 'Charlie & Lola'. If you flick through the Boden catalogue some of the pics are flat lays of outfits; choose these not the ones with the children in the clothes.

Step 2

Carefully cut out a few outfits - these will become your characters. You might want them to represent yourself and your siblings, or how about you and your friends? Or maybe they are imaginary characters you can make up names for.

Step 3

Glue the outfits on to a piece of paper, any quality of paper will do. A glue stick will work perfectly for this job, just press gently to avoid ripping your cuttings.

Step 4

Then get drawing! Each person will need a head & neck, a hairstyle, hands and feet. Think about where they are? Are they out in the park? Maybe they're at the beach or in a jungle? Let your imagination run wild and have fun!



We love these black Staedtler fineliners from Amazon but use whatever you have - even a black biro will be fine.

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