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Kawaii acrylic canvas painting kit

Kawaii acrylic canvas painting kit

VAT Included

Age 8+ recommended


Kawaii is the Japanese word for 'cute’ but kawaii is actually so much more than just cute: it's a huge part of Japanese culture and can be found in anime, fashion, art, music, and lifestyle.


This painting kit helps you with simple templates to follow and a video tutorial packed full of useful hints and tips. We’ve carefully researched the best stretched canvas and artist quality paints so your art project will be light fast and ready to hang on the wall.


It contains everything you’ll need to paint two canvases:

2 x primed, stretched canvases, 20cm x 20cm 

2 x Major brushes size 4 and size 8

1 x black sharpie 

6 x Daler Rowney acrylic paints in handy carry tube

4 x Kawaii inspired templates (lolly, ice cream, watermelon and cloud)

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