• Kerry

Daisy chains

What you'll need:

  • Coloured paper for the flower centres & linking chains (we used yellow & green)

  • A4 white paper (copy paper is fine)

  • Scissors

  • Pencil & ruler

  • Glue (either a glue stick or PVA will do)

Step 1

Using the yellow card and pencil, draw around a circular lid (approx 3 cm diameter) 20 times. This will make 10 daisy centres. You should find lots of suitable lids around your home for this - try glue stick lids, smoothie lids or even egg cups.

When you've drawn them, carefully cut them out.

Step 2

Using the white paper, ruler and pencil, draw a line every 1cm on the shorter side of the paper. Carefully cut into strips.

When you've cut your white strips, move on to green and cut some of these.

Step 3

Fold the white strips in half. For each strip put a blob of glue either side of the middle fold and bring each end into the middle and glue in place. Each strip should now look a bit like a bow or glasses without arms! These are the petals.

Step 4

Putting a dab of glue in the middle of the petals, stick to one of the yellow circles. Use 4 petal pieces for each daisy. Once you've glued the petals on, glue a second yellow circle and sandwich the petals in between both yellow circles. Now you have a finished daisy! Make all the other daisies.

Step 5

Finally, using the green strips of card, fold these in half and cut to make two shorter strips. Loop through a petal on two daisies and glue the ends of the green strip together to make a circle loop. Keep going to make a chain of daisies to hang up.


If you don't have yellow and green card hunt for colourful pieces of flat colour in the recycling bin or in magazines.