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Paint a Spring watercolour for an elderly relative, friend or neighbour

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

What you'll need:

  • Watercolour or cartridge paper (or anything thicker than copy paper)

  • Watercolour paints - pan style or tubes

  • A medium width paintbrush

  • A thin width paintbrush

  • Water pot

  • Kitchen roll/paper towel

Step 1

Think about the shapes that Spring flowers make, maybe have a look in your garden to see if there's anything growing you can copy. If not just make them up! Draw your flowers very lightly with your pencil. You want to make sure you press lightly so the pencil doesn't show once you have painted it.

Step 2

Paint your flowers with your watercolour paints. You can use any colour you like. When you are working with watercolour paints, you have to add quite a lot of water to wake your paint up and get it to be the thin watery texture you want. If it's sticky just add more water, more water, more water! An amazing thing about watercolours is it doesn't have to be very neat and it can still look absolutely beautiful.

Step 3

Now you can draw and paint your basic leaves around the flowers. I used multiple shades of green watercolour paints for my leaves.

Step 4

Next, add some basic details to your abstract shapes. You need to use a darker shade of the colour you painted your flowers for it to show up.

Step 5

Now, you can add a few brown stalks to your leaves. Don't do it on all of them - less is more!

Step 6

With your black watercolour paint using your thin width brush, add a few black dots around the edge of the flowers to add a bit more detail to the picture.

Let your picture dry of for 15-25 mins.

Well done! You have finished project one. You can turn your watercolour master­piece into a card or just leave it as a beautiful picture.

Post it through your neighbour or relative's door and it will make their day! You could do this a couple times throughout this isolation period as they will absolutely love receiving your artwork.



We love these watercolour sets for kids from CASS ART but use whatever you

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