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Rainbow sponge painting

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

What you'll need:

  • Cartridge paper

  • Ready mix paints

  • A household sponge

  • Kitchen roll/paper towel

Step 1

Put an old tablecloth down or cover the table in newspaper to protect it. These paints are entirely washable so, although I’m sure you’d prefer minimal mess, if they do go on any surfaces or clothes they do wash out easily. We like Reeves but any ready mix will work. Use the paint NEAT from the bottle.

Step 2

Find a clean kitchen sponge and use the flat, soft side. If you’re doing this with two or three kids it’s nice if they have a sponge each.

Squirt a row of paint blobs along your sponge in the spectrum of your choice. I usually say to kids to aim for a squirt no bigger than a blueberry.

Step 3

Place your plain paper down and either tape the corners with masking tape or hold it in place with a grown up hand.

Step 4

With a fluid movement swoosh the sponge across the page. Make a rainbow arc, a line or a zig zag geometric pattern - whatever you like! Lots of rainbow fun.

If you’re going to reload your sponge and do another one try and follow the same colour order.

Step 5

When your pictures are dry put them up in your windows to share with the neighbourhood.

Well done! I'm sure your artworks look awesome.



We love these Reeves ready mix paints for kids from FRED ALDOUS but use whatever you have in your craft cupboard.

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