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Choose from these arty crafty projects for your party...

Insects and flowers made from colourful clay, by children

silk clay cute creatures

Get your hands on some of our favourite easy to work with clay and have a modelling lesson!

ages 6+

colourful painted canvases, from a children's art party

paint a canvas

Create a modern geometric art canvas for your wall, or work with our templates to a theme of your choice to create your own masterpiece to hang on the wall at home.

ages 7+

Painting of an owl at a Harry Potter themed painting party

Harry Potter painting

If you're a Harry Potter fan then come and paint a canvas with a Hogwarts theme. We've created templates and lots of inspiration to help.

ages 8+

Children's bangles and beads from a craft party

badges & beads

Think about colour combinations before making a memory wire bracelet or keyring. A chance to get crafty with all our cool bits and bobs.

ages 7+

Decopatch bear, a children's craft party project


Decopatch is a great way of turning something plain into something colourful. Choose a letter or an animal, and decorate with pretty papers.

ages 6+

child using watercolours to paint a picture at an art party

watercolour painting

We'll teach you how to create a wash background as you paint our gorgeous llama with proper watercolour paints.

ages 8+

Party children holding up canvases they painted themselves

paint a kawaii canvas

Kawaii is the Japanese word for 'cute' and our canvases are just that. Choose a template and mix acrylic paints to just the right colours.

ages 7+

bag printed by children at an art party

Indian block print a bag

Use our fabric paints and gorgeous Indian block stamps to decorate a canvas bag – perfect for shopping trips or sleepovers.

ages 8+

Child designing tshirt, at a craft party

t-shirt designing

We use Sharpie pens and cool templates to customise a white t-shirt... which you can wear home at the end!

ages 6+

Grafitti party.jpeg

graffiti party

Using our templates you'll be inspired to create some street art. This party uses spray paints and is done outdoors – better for spring and summer.

ages 8+

unicorn party favours, from a children's craft party

unicorn party

This party is full of all the rainbow sparkle that surrounds every good unicorn. We will help you get crafty making unicorn wands and hairbands.

ages 6+

canvases painted by children at an art party

paint a pop art canvas

Be inspired by pop art to paint a canvas for your wall. You will work with our templates to help create your own masterpiece to hang on a wall at home.

ages 9+

"Thank you both SO much for making Mia's birthday party so special. It was honestly one of the best parties we've ever had. The t-shirts were absolutely gorgeous (we especially loved the glitter!) and the activity was pitched perfectly for the age group/ability level. Mia was quite nervous beforehand but you made her feel really special. I love how you've made her feel confident about being creative. Thank you again. Magpie Makes is amazing!"



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